GR2. Exploring Swift

To explore the Swift Gamma-Ray telescope, choose at least two of the following. After a week, I will ask you what you did, what happened with it and what you learned from it.

1. Swift Explorer iPhone App – Download this app on your iphone or iPad. You can see where Swift is flying over the Earth. You can get a information about the latest GRBs Swift has identified and see images of in optical, ultraviolet and x-ray, as well as where they are in the sky. There are also some cool pictures in ultraviolet and x-ray light.

2. Gamma Ray Burst Lottery – Predict where the next GRB will happen! In this online game you choose where you think the next GRB will be in the sky. If you win you will get an email with instructions to print out a certificate that says you won and the name and location of your GRB. You can also order some kind of fun prize. Check out the “?” for details. You get up to 3 tries for a two week period.

3. Swift Song – The group The Chromatics has made a song about Swift. Can you do better? Their science is exact, in a catchy way. Can you make a Swift song too? Submit it as an audio file.  This clip shows a couple of high school students doing a rap about Swift.

4. Swift at Twitter – Follow the astronomer Phil Evans and get a glimpse of life as a Swift scientist. He is an astronomer from the University of Leicester, Leicester, UK, one of the partners in the Swift mission.

5. Paper Model of Swift – Make a 3D model of the Swift spacecraft. Put into three dimensional space what we see on paper or screen.

6. Swift Movies #1, Movies #2 and Swift Animations – Review five of these movies and/or animations about Swift and Gamma-Rays. Does it hold your interest? Are the graphics good? What audience would it be good for? Is it understandable? Is it worth watching?

7.  Epo’s ChroniclesEpo is an online comic dedicated to Astronomy that comes out with a new  episode about once a week. This episode is about a discovery made with Swift. Look at different episodes of Epo. Make your own comic (a couple of episodes) about Swift, Neils Gehrels or one of the other astronomers and Gamma-Rays.

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