Olympics 2012

The Olympics have started. I love watching this competition. This year is even better as I have better television reception so I get more coverage.

But the Olympics are not just about competition. There is a lot of science involved too. The science involved in some of these sports is fascinating. The website Science 360 has several short videos that showcase some very interesting applications of science in the Olympics.

For the first time, a double amputee will be running in the Olympics. Watch the video about Oscar Pistorius to find out what his story is. This South African gold medalist in the Paralympics will be sprinting in the 400m and the 4×400 relay in this summer’s Olympics.

Of course there is just a lot of fun at the Olympics too. Watching the homemade music video of the US Swim team performing “Call Me Maybe” reminds us that they are great athletes but also young adults having fun.

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